Since 2009, we have applied the passion we have for the development of young people in our Aspen communities to communities in East Africa.  As a first step we partner with local organizations and leaders that provide relief from poverty through access to housing and education.  We build on that investment through initiatives which support next generation leaders as they move from secondary into higher education, and then into meaningful places of service and employment. 

We are committed to balance our efforts between TRADE and AID, equipping entrepreneurs to be "job creators" prepared to change the future of Eastern Africa while tending to the reality that many young people need access to quality education and nutrition as a foundation for individual growth and future impact.

Our previous & current global partners in East Africa are based in Rwanda and Kenya. 

We sponsor children in Rwanda to receive primary education, textbooks, and balanced nutrition.

We provide education and housing by building dormitories and classrooms to educate more students.

We equip entrepreneurs through higher education, leadership development, and small business training.